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In the mid 1970's six hopeful brothers (and one sister) immigrated to America with their young families to live a better life. After working many labor intensive, exhausting jobs and still struggling to make ends meet, they knew there had to be a better way to live the American Dream and the idea of Happy Teriyaki was born.

Although it may be hard to imagine, during those days there weren't ANY teriyaki restaurants! Our first teriyaki restaurant opened in 1987 and shared the same store front as our family's donut business. It wasn't long before the restaurant became the main attraction and we converted from the donut business to serving great tasting teriyaki full time. You could say that Happy Teriyaki was the pioneer for the teriyaki boom!

Over the years, our family has opened over 30 restaurants in Western Washington. Many of the restaurants have since been sold out of the family with our parent's retiring. Our restaurant, Happy Teriyaki #3 in Lacey (College Steet) is the last place to remain in our family. In recent years, there has been much confusion as it seems many new local teriyaki restaurants are giving themselves suspiciously similar names! Although it is flattering that they'd like to give the impression of an association to our restaurant, our customers always know the difference. There is no mistaking the superior taste of our secret homemade teriyaki sauce. After all, it's been a secret for over 36 years!

We strive to bring you the absolute best tasting meals by using only the freshest ingredients. Our quality is second to none and it shows. We hand select the best produce, meats and poultry so that only top quality items go into your meal. It's very important to our family that we're not just another teriyaki restaurant, but a quality restaurant with great food and atmosphere. That is our commitment to you!

We love to think about how a little idea between six brothers and a lot of hard work and dedication became a restaurant that gave our family so much joy. It is our family's hope that you and your family will share that joy with us. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Warmest Regards,
The (original) Happy Teriyaki Family

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